Drinking water analysis, are you sure what you drink?

Drinking water analysis, are you sure what you drink?

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How much do thedrinking water analysis? L'water analysis it is an essential activity for the protection of public health or to ensure the production of healthy products. In Italy there are countless laboratories that provide this service, among these we point out PMI Servizi which offers packages to carry out water analysis, ideal for both companies and private citizens. The cost per analyze the water it varies according to different aspects and above all according to the type of water to be analyzed.

Drinking water analysis, the prices indicated by PMI Servizi per le water analysis network and treated water

  • Mains water examination, about 201 euros
  • verification of the treated water osmosis system, 213.5 euros
  • chemical analysis of treated water, about 157 euros
  • microbiological tests of treated water, about 67 euros

Drinking water analysis, DIY kits
On the market there are kits for testing and analysis ofdrinking water. Analyzing tap water once / twice a year is generally sufficient to have its quality under control. Only when faced with particular situations can it be useful to analyze it more frequently, for example after an intervention on the domestic system or on the main water supply or if the house is located near lake basins. Among the kits for the'Water analysis present on the market we point out ImmediaTest. Although the kit does not provide a complete and certified analysis, it allows to analyze the most relevant parameters of drinking water (pH, hardness, content of nitrates, nitrites, chlorides and sulphates) and to have an important indication of the quality level of what gushes from its own taps.

Drinking water analysis
The user gets to the point of wantinganalyze home drinking waterout of a sense of mistrust that arose following a series of disconcerting cases that may at times have undermined the safety of public health.

One among many, emerged with the Corriere del Mezzogiorno article entitled "Researchers: "The water of Naples? It pollutes in the last mile " or again, with the Espresso article "Drink Naples and then die",the news does not only involve Naples or the south of Italy, examples are newspaper headlines that see the presence of Arsenic in the waters of the Lazio Region or of Chromium in the Brescia water network.

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