Magnetotherapy: contraindications

Magnetotherapy: contraindications

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Magnetotherapy, a healing and rehabilitation technique that exploits the benefits of magnetic fields. There are currently three different types of magnetotherapy: static, low frequency and high frequency. The waves used in all these cases, they always are non-ionizing, this means that they are not absorbed by organs or tissues and are instead able to exert a biophysical action. There are other types of always electromagnetic waves but classified as ionizing, very effective therapeutically but which can be dangerous.

Magnetotherapy: what is it for

THE magnetic fields used in this type of therapy act on the bone, joint, muscle and vascular system and have an anti-inflammatory, analgesic / pain-relieving effect. Magnetotherapy succeeds in increase bone strength and mineralization, accelerates the calcification of fractures and increases both vascular circulation and blood flow rate.

Also going to improve peripheral circulation, this therapy accelerates the wound healing and sores, in general promotes the healing process of soft tissues. There are those who also use it to have results on the skin, since improves metabolism of the skin and counteracts the aging of tissues.

Applied to our body, magnetic fields restore the correct functionality of the cell membrane which, in case of parapathological or pathologies, undergoes a depolarization that leads to pain and inflammation. With magnetotherapy, you can repolarize the cell membrane, restoring its physiological functioning e restoring the energy balance.

Magnetotherapy: contraindications

Despite being considered by all to be a safe and non-invasive therapy, that does not poison the body nor does it cause discomfort or pain, magnetotherapy is not recommended in some special cases.

Sometimes because for example the electromagnetic waves they can damage or interfere with the operation of other devices such as pacemakers and heart pacemakers. Also pregnant o while breastfeeding it is better not to undergo this therapy, the same applies if you have metal implants or if you suffer from serious cardiological pathologies, of neoplastic tumoral pathologies complex or hyperthyroidism.

Magnetotherapy: therapy duration

They have to last at least half an hour sessions and usually have to be done daily for a period ranging from 15 to 30 days. It depends on the type of disorder to be treated but it is really difficult for us to be given shorter periods than two weeks, in case of serious pathologieson the contrary, you may find yourself doing more cycles, interspersed with breaks of about a month.

Magnetotherapy: cost of the session

It is difficult to talk about costs for this therapy, as they can vary a lot from geographical areas where we go for treatment and also from the area of ​​the body we are treating. You can go from 200 to one thousand euros, the important thing is to be careful that professional equipment is used. If we talk in terms of single sessions, their cost can be 10/15 euros or you can choose to rent the equipment for 4/5 euros per day.

Magnetotherapy: appliances

There is also the possibility of abuy the equipment to carry out low-frequency magnetotherapy at home, they can also be found online for sale at 230 euros. In this case, on Amazon, you can buy a device for personal home use with 7 preset programs identified from the name of the most common pathologies and 3 programs identified by the frequency of work. Associated, also the therapeutic elastic band with 2 solenoids.

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