Light for reading at night

Light for reading at night

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Light for reading at night or during the day in places that do not "shine" with useful lighting. It is important to ensure a good light condition if, in the long run, you do not want to get to suffer from irritation and loss of vision. And then, why, even in the short term, make an effort, when it takes little to have a good light for reading?

If we are talking about home environments, then one is needed correct design of the lighting system general, because the light sources must be measured and studied in order to combine them, so as not to overdo it but not even remain in the dark. And then there is also often the issue of excess cables or the lack of sockets.

Often in rooms such as the living room or bedroom, where a light is required to read, a diffused, fundamental light is provided, to which is added that for reading, with a abat-jour or a table lamp.

Light for reading at night

At night the best reading light is that of a abat-jour or a spotlight while it is better to avoid an adjustable floor-based lamp that fits much better behind a sofa in the living room, to create a beam of light that illuminates the pages. If you want to bet on wall lamps, but better a recessed spotlight or on track (the spot) with a direct light beam but not too intense, otherwise it can become annoying.

Light for reading in the dark

When we want to read and relax, perhaps with some music in the background, we can leave the room in the dark, ensuring light for reading. It is therefore necessary either a bedside lamp, or one of those lamps with an intensity regulator and that may be directed where we want. If, on the other hand, we are in the studio, or at a table, there is the articulated and adjustable lamp that can be placed either on a pedestal, both on clamp on the table.

Ideal reading light

Today we find lights for reading really ingenious, designed not to be uncomfortable and to be able to really read how and where we want. Look at this, on sale on Amazon for 10 euros.

Warm reading light

The dilemma between warm and cold light, has not yet been resolved, there are those who prefer one and those who prefer the other, even the experts do not have a homogeneous opinion. And today there are also the LEDs that are now replacing the old bulbs everywhere incandescent or gas, which put even more difficulty those who want to take sides.

In general we can say that one low and warm light relaxes, while a white and cold it has a euphoric effect so if we are in a room for relaxation, warm lighting is better. It is then very much a matter of taste and sensitivity.

Cool reading light

Another rule that, when choosing a light to read, is often remembered is that a cold light is better for "precision work", more technical, the warm one for relaxing activities.

Light for reading app

There are apps that change the brightness of the phone to make the eyes of those who often have to look at the screen less tired. They are light filters that are applied to the display of your Android smartphone or tablet to avoid eye strain.

There is the app Blue Light Filter which does not blur the display but allows you to adjust the color to reduce light emissions. The Nottambulo app suitable for those who do not want to tire their eyes, thus preventing insomnia. Looking around, online, there are many other apps and new ones come out, proving that it is important to be able to count on a light to read even the cell phone.

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