Disturbance in attention: symptoms and remedies

Disturbance in attention: symptoms and remedies

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Disturbance in attention, also abbreviated with the initials ADHD However, to those who are not familiar with this problem, it is certainly cryptic as the symptoms and signals can be cryptic when for the first time the doubt arises that a child may have a attention disorder. It can be a pupil, a son, a grandson. THE symptoms of developmental self-control disorder derive from an inability to regulate one's behavior according to the passage of time, the objectives to be achieved and the demands of the environment. Let's see in practice how they can be noticed and recognized.

Disturbance in attention: children

Sometimes, in a manner of speaking, the attention disorder but there is a big difference between a child who is a little restless and lively in a period of his evolution, and another who suffers from this disorder. ADHD is not intended as a normal growth phase which is then overcome with the simple passage of time, this must be clear as well as the fact that it does not appear because education was not effective and not even because the child has a bad disposition.

Two words must be spent for the parents of a child with attention deficit who often have to worry not only about their little one but also about the reactions it arouses. It is not uncommon for people faced with hyperactive and restless behavior to become impatient, become irritated, accuse the family that does not hold back the "exuberant little plague".

Disturbance in attention: symptoms

He struggles to pay attention and concentratei, to control the impulses and intensity of activities a child who has an attention disorder. Among the most classic symptoms is the perennial inattention, the inability to work on the same task for a sufficiently long period of time.

Also impulsiveness it is equally frequent and characteristic of ADHD: children who suffer from it do not show inhibitions in responding or behaving in a certain way in reaction to particular stimuli or inputs. From the outside, to those who do not know or do not know this problem, everything appears as a strange attitude, at times rude or irrational.

Disturbance in attention: hyperactivity

Just hyperactivity, together with inattention and impulsiveness, it is a primary symptom of ADHD and what it consists of is soon explained. Everyone knows what it means to be hyperactive: living in a perennial state of agitation, struggling to sit still in your seat, at school but also at home. It is a different way of acting from that of someone who is simply lively, the movements of the hyperactive often involve all parts of the body and they are not harmoniously aimed at a particular purpose.

Disturbance in attention: remedies

When faced with an ADHD diagnosis it is necessary to understand that it's not a temporary problem, growth, but a real problem both for those who suffer from it and for those around them at home and at school. There are ways to deal with it and you don't want to make the situation tragic here but neither lead people to underestimate the problem. Parents and teachers can be overwhelmed by discouragement and stress if they cannot find remedies.

The ideal treatment for ADHD, according to the scientific literature, it is the multimodal one that involves various subjects and is put into practice at school, in the family and in the contexts that the child attends. It does not always include a pharmacological intervention.

Disturbance in attention: test

Does not exist a test as it was for allergies or pregnancy to understand if a child has an attention disorder, the diagnosis is delicate and complex and requires specialist visits and tests. A cross test or a sketch on a block with colored crayons is not enough.

Disturbance in attention: exercises

To consult currently suggested strategies and techniques for dealing with attention disorders, I recommend buying the book by Ariane Hébert, also available on Amazon for 10 euros. In this volume they are illustrated effective exercises to teach the child not to forget and not lose anything, to organize and control motor agitation. These techniques are also applicable at school and in play and work groups that can really change daily and life.

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