World Environment Day 2014

World Environment Day 2014

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Why the World Environment Day do not become a card to be stamped with habitual laziness, Earth Day Italia has organized a demanding appointment for June 5th.

This is a conference entitled 'Smart territories, investment opportunities for the future. Comparing social, environmental and financial innovation ' which will take place in Rome, at the FAO Building, in conjunction with the World Environment Day 2014.

The event underlines the importance of the World Environment Day and is organized by Earth Day in collaboration with FAO-Mountain Partnership and World Bank - Connect 4 Climate.

The day's program includes two round tables on topics that touch on environmental and social issues:

  • The mountains and the countryside innovate, the cities learn;
  • Social and family businesses build new opportunities, finance supports their development.

The first round table was attended by: Eduardo Rojas (FAO), Pierluigi Sassi (Earth Day Italy), Fabio Refrigeri (Councilor for Infrastructure, Housing Policies and the Environment of the Lazio Region); Rosa Laura Romeo (FAO / Mountain Partnership), Lucia Grenna (World Bank - Connect4Climate), Edo Ronchi (Foundation for Sustainable Development), Marco Frey (Active Citizenship).

The second round table is expected to include: Davide Dal Maso (Forum for Sustainable Finance), Giovanna Melandri (G8 - Social Investment Task Force), Alessandra Viscovi (Etica SGR), Elena Casolari (Opes Impact Fund), Vincenzo Linarello (Goel Cooperative Group ), Roberta Cafarotti (Earth Day Italy).

The conviction of the organizers of the World Environment Day is that we are at the beginning of a great change driven by social enterprises and capable of being innovative in the way they relate to the community, to people and to the environment. Companies whose trials could become methods.

Another belief is that the laboratories of these experiments are increasingly the mountains, inaccessible and difficult to reach places that, however, technology makes them much closer. Places animated by small rural communities where, however, contrary to what happens in large urban centers, they build solid relationships.

Note. There World Environment Day - World Environment Day - is celebrated on 5 June every year around the world and was established by the UN to commemorate the moment in which the United Nations Environment Program took shape at the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment in 1972 - of the United Nations.

To participate in the event at Palazzo FAO you need an accreditation that interested parties can ask to [email protected]

Info on the Earthday Italia FB page

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