Vegan chat, the recipe

Vegan chat, the recipe

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Vegan chatter: here is a tasty recipe to make this typical Carnival dessert following the principles of the vegan style.

When Carnival day comes, we can't help but enjoy those tasty Carnival chatter. Similar in recipe and also in form, the Carnival chatter changes its name according to the region of origin

Each region, not to mention each locality, has its own name to indicate them. In the north and south they are called by their original name. In Mantua and its surroundings, however, they are called lettuces, in Tuscany they are called cenci, in Trentino grostoli, in Liguria lies, in Lazio frappe, sfrappole in Emilia Romagna ... more disparate and bizarre names to indicate the same dessert.

There are the classics, those with the addition of chocolate, cream ... Today we also think of those who follow a vegan style and do not want to give up traditions. Here is the recipe to prepare vegan chat!

Vegan Carnival chat, what we need

We would like to taste them already but you know you know ... to be good things must be done with commitment and dedication. Let's see what we need to make this delicious Carnival dessert following the principles of vegan nutrition.

  • 300 grams of wholemeal flour
  • 50 grams of corn starch (or potato starch)
  • 10 grams of natural yeast
  • 50 grams of brown sugar
  • Grated zest of an organic lemon
  • 50 ml of corn oil
  • 30 ml of apple juice
  • 120 ml of soy, oat or rice milk
  • Powdered sugar for decoration
  • Baking paper

Vegan Carnival chat, preparation

  1. Pour all the ingredients into a large enough bowl in this order: flour, corn starch, yeast, sugar, lemon zest, corn oil, apple juice
  2. Add the milk slowly, continuing to mix until a homogeneous mixture is obtained
  3. Once this is done, let it rest for about 30 minutes to make it even more compact
  4. Create small balls with the dough and roll out each one with a rolling pin or pasta machine: they must be thin
  5. Spread the sheets obtained on a baking paper
  6. With the help of a knife, form rectangles. The recommended dimensions are 6 by 4 but if you prefer you can cut them into many squares of the size you prefer. You can also trim the edges to make them zigzag
  7. Bake the chiacchiere in the oven for about 20 minutes at 180 degrees: before removing, make sure they are golden on both sides
  8. Allow to cool and sprinkle a little icing sugar or melted chocolate into strips.

Fried vegan chatter

We have just shown you the lightest and most dietetic recipe; of course, chatter can also be fried. In the center of each rectangle, make two cuts then pour the sheets into boiling oil until they are golden brown on both sides. Transfer the fried waffles to absorbent paper, allow to cool and cover with icing sugar before serving.

Vegan black pudding recipe

It is customary in the southern regions to accompany chats with black pudding, a chocolate-based dessert. In the past it was made with the addition of pig's blood (hence the name blood sausage) but the recipe has also changed because the use of pig's blood has been banned. Here's how to prepare this typical Carnival dessert, in line with the vegan style

Vegan black pudding, what we need

  • 1 liter of soy milk
  • 350 grams of brown sugar
  • 200 grams of pure bitter cocoa
  • 1 pinch of cinnamon
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 50 grams of corn starch
  • A few pieces of dark chocolate

Vegan black pudding, preparation

  1. Pour the sugar into the blender and operate for a few seconds to make it finer
  2. Pour the milk, cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla, sugar into a saucepan, then slowly and little by little add the corn starch
  3. Mix everything well to avoid the formation of lumps
  4. Put the pan on the stove over low heat, continuing to turn with a wooden spoon, to prevent the mixture from sticking to the bottom
  5. When the cream begins to thicken, lower the heat to low and stir for a few more minutes. Prevent it from boiling
  6. At this point, pour the cream into glass bowls and let it cool
  7. Refrigerate for a few hours and before serving the dessert
  8. Decorate the cups with small pieces of dark chocolate

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