Milan, an example for the metropolises of the globe

Milan, an example for the metropolises of the globe

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Thanks to his exceptional service of Bike sharing, Milan can be considered an example to follow for all the metropolises of the globe.

In October 2010 the New York Times celebrated the Aeolian blades of Casuaria, a small town in Abruzzo. More recently, the Italian design of the biodegradable iNature cover has been reported in magazines intopic around the world, even the made in Italy with the Fiat 500 Pop bicycle and those signed by Gucci they caused a sensation but it is even more beautiful when the local administrations are praised. Today it is the city ​​of Milan which stands out in the world for its system of Bike sharing.

The news was reported by the famous voice of Treehugger, which underlines the presence of 120 stations and 1,400 bicycles scattered throughout the Milan area. In fact, the stations of bike sharing there are 128 and more than 1,400 bicycles are available and the circulation is growing strongly.

The systemBike sharing in Milan was born in 2008. It is rare that a cyclist, pedaling, can ruin his trousers with the bicycle chain, but theBike sharingMilanese also thinks about this by offering very comfortable bicycles to ride especially considering that it is unfortunate to ruin your pants before entering the office! That's right, a Milan bicycles are used to go to work, as an alternative to private cars.

To talk about it is Lloyd Alter, expert in urban planning and development of the territory. In his article Lloyd Alter points out how, every Sunday, the bicycles remain stationed in the special parking areas, a scenario that changes radically on Monday morning, when at 7:00 sharp, the bicycles begin to "to disappear”Because used by the inhabitants who go to work.

There is no lack of constructive criticism, in fact, according to wikipedia, the service of Bike sharing of Milan was to have 3,000 bicycles and 200 stations but this goal was not achieved due to a lack of funds. There is no need to despair, in fact a new station was inaugurated a few days agoBike sharing in Via Canonica and on May 4th a new usage record was recorded with 6,297 withdrawals!

The Administration is investing heavily to promote cycling both with BikeMi bikes and with private ones", Commented the councilor for Mobility and Environment Pierfrancesco Mara and referring to the new record he says “The data confirm that the Milanese not only understood our choices in favor of sustainable mobility, but they are also the first to use the services that protect the environment and improve the quality of life in their city on a daily basis ".

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