How to start a green business

How to start a green business

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Have you ever thought of starting a green business? There green economy it is enjoying great success and ideas, as well as opportunities, are not lacking. Here are some interesting proposals in the name of respectful entrepreneurial activity forenvironment.

Urban Bike Messengers: it is a profession that concerns the world of fast deliveries. Groups of ecological "pony express" scattered in the major Italian cities that deliver documents or small packages by bike.
Dealership of Car Sharing: it is a service that allows you to use a car upon reservation, picking it up and returning it to a parking lot near your home, and paying according to the use made. Shared use, cars that can be booked by those who do not have a car or by families who need an "extra" vehicle for some trips. Within sustainable mobility policies, this service conceives possession as a mobility service service: the car passes from the sphere of consumer goods to that of services.

Eco bio spa: a natural Spa where treatments are all exclusively natural and organic. A form of "green business" dedicated to beauty.
Eco shop: a commercial activity that markets exclusively Italian and zero-kilometer ecological products.
WEEE disposal: a company that deals with the disposal of WEEE, waste from electrical and electronic equipment. Not only disposal of refrigerators, washing machines and PCs but also recycling of energy-saving lamps and neon.
Eco-tour operator: an agency that deals with ecological holidays in the name of sustainability,
with alternative destinations and naturalistic travel programs.
Energy efficiency technician: a professional figure specialized in the energy efficiency of their home, containing waste and eliminating any source of indoor pollution.
Energy audit: professional consultant who offers individuals and companies a monitoring and control service to increase the energy performance of homes and businesses. It offers solutions for the production of electricity thanks to renewable sources or domestic hot water with solar thermal panels.

The opportunities for a green business there is no shortage, you just have to choose, looking out over the sector renewable you discover a world full of unmissable opportunities.

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