Xbox 360 transformed into an aquarium

Xbox 360 transformed into an aquarium

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You have a broken game platform like the old one Xbox 360? Do as the designer Shepard Spencer, don't be discouraged and turn it into a beautiful one marine aquarium ready to host children corals and other invertebrates, a true example of creative recycling.

Currently, consoles like the Xbox offer role-playing games and other systems that use wifi, streaming technology, motion sensors, webcams ... in short, with a TV, a wifi connection and a console you can have access to a virtual world that will be also fun but it sucks a lot of energy and pollutes with its operation and also with the difficult disposal.

Shepartd Spencer is the designer who decided to to recycle his old Xbox 360 into something equally exciting, an exciting marine aquarium. The console was opened and stripped of all its electronic components, the shell remained and transformed into a half-liter tank of water. The tub is illuminated by a color that varies thanks to LED lighting. Part of the console has been replaced with glass that forms a "display" of approximately 6 "wide and 8" high.

The power and connection cable of theXbox 360 have been replaced with the appropriate cables for the wiring required by filtration system and lighting of the mini marine aquarium. In the video you can see Shephard's aquarium in operation, in the old Xbox now swim some tiny fish, crabs, snails and shrimp, all suspended on a reef made up of beautiful live corals.

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