Italy, the most polluting plants close

Italy, the most polluting plants close

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In Italy the power plants conventional. The economic crisis spares no one, not even the Petroleum. Sure, to break down the fossil fuels it will not be the crisis but the decadent market itself: oil is touching ever higher prices and prices alternative energies they can boast excellent yields and government incentives.

L'power produced by photovoltaic in the hours of greatest sun exposure, added topower produced bywind power during the windiest hours, they put the cetrali a burning oil. These are the most polluting power plants, together with coal-fired ones.

The fuel oil plants, due to the nefarious environmental impact, are active only periodically. In this way, however, the managers are unable to cover the costs and so are forced to close their doors. Today is the day of fuel oil plants but with ever increasing power renewable electricity, the other conventional plants will also follow in the footsteps of the oil plants.

In Italy, three are in bankruptcy fuel oil plants, this event represents the first concrete impact of renewable on the Italian energy scenario. Edipower it could close the oil-fired thermoelectric plant of San Filippo del Mela, in Malazzo, in the province of Messina.

The Messina plant had various problems with the Integrated Environmental Authorization but despite this, it produced a capacity of 1,280 MW. Together with the environmentalists, the local population will also feel freed from a great burden.

Another power plant to suffer the same fate as the Messina thermoelectric plant is the coal power plant of Brindisi. This too with a power of 1,280 MW but since 2005, after a detention by the judiciary, it reopens at half power.

We talked about three plants, the third was in planning and the works had to be completed by 2013. The project was suspended and so the refinery and power plant of Falconara, of the API, is nipped in the bud.

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