Household chemicals at risk for Cancer

Household chemicals at risk for Cancer

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Common chemicals, found in household products, could be the cause of medical ailments like cancer, reduced fertility and obesity. To put us on our guard is theEuropean Environment Agency (EEA) with a study published last Thursday.

L'European Environment Agency it has not issued any prohibition, it has only warned that there is a need to intensify checks to better analyze five classes of chemicals, including phthalates. Such substances are often found in pesticides but not only. Numerous hazardous chemicals are used extensively in the cosmetics and are present in sun creams and birth control pills.

The EEA said that in recent decades there has been a "significant growth" of numerous diseases such as breast, prostate or male infertility and diabetes. This increase, as the scientists of theAEA, could be related to increased exposure to presumed risk factors. In other words it means the spread of such chemical substances it could be the cause of the increase in cancer, diabetes and other diseases such as obesity.

The agency said the link between some diseases and these chemicals was now fully established. These substances are defined "endocrine disruptors ", precisely because chemical compounds can alter the physiological endocrine system. According to the EEA, one cannot point the finger at a single substance. The damage would be caused by the so-called "cocktail effect", Or from the simultaneous use of multiple substances.

After such an admission, it is always more convenient to use natural remedies both for cleaning the house and for taking care of oneself and one's garden. There are several natural remedies, here are some examples to minimize the use of chemicals.
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The results elaborated byAEA were disclosed in a report entitled "The impacts of endocrine disrupters on wildlife, people and their environments". Those chemicals in addition to causing a environmental impact negative, they would damage the health of wildlife and almost certainly human health as well.

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