Labyrinthitis, symptoms and remedies

Labyrinthitis, symptoms and remedies

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Labyrinthitis, symptoms and remedies: what labyrinthitis is, how it manifests itself and how is it treated. From diagnosis to the causes that cause inflammation of the auricular labyrinth.

Labyrinthitis, what is it

Labyrinthitis, also known asinternal otitisorvestibular neuritis, is an inflammation of the auricular labyrinth, located in an inner ear area.

The auricular labyrinthit is equipped with organs to listen to sounds and organs to maintain balance. The labyrinth is crossed by thenerve of the ear, a component that responds to endolymph stimuli, a fluid that allows you to detect head movements.

Labyrinthitis, causes

Thecausesthey can be different. Therelabyrinthitisit can be linked to an infection of bacterial or viral origin, from a head injury, or it can arise as a reaction to drugs, allergic or stress reactions.

There are otherscauseswhich can trigger inflammation of the ear labyrinth such as alcohol intake, upper respiratory tract infection, meningitis and stress / fatigue.

Labyrinthitis, symptoms

THEsymptomsare related to the effects of impaired auricular labyrinth. Namely: worsening of balance and hearing.

They are associated with the worsening of balancesymptomssuch as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, vertigo, severe headaches and other balance disorders such as physical instability.

The manifestation of tinnitus can be a recurring symptom only in the chronic phase of the disease, in practice an annoying background whistle is heard. Even the deterioration of hearing ends up in the acute phase when among otherssymptomsnystagmus, that is, sudden and jerking movements of the eye may be present.

Other symptoms include tremors, heart palpitations, depression and chronic anxiety.

Diagnosis and who to contact

If you perceive one or more of thesymptomslisted above, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. In reality, the diagnosis of labyrinthitis is made by the specialist doctorotolaryngologist, only after prescribing certain tests to the patient to perform.

Labyrinthitis, cures

How to cure labyrinthitis? Typically, the chronic form resolves spontaneously within a few weeks while the acute form can be more difficult to treat. The therapy aims to cure the vertiginous state only in the acute phase, in this phase the specialist doctor can prescribe antiemetic drugs and any sedatives.

Stress labyrinthitis, remedies

THEsymptomsare those of chronic labyrinthitis, so the disorder tends to resolve spontaneously but only if you go to act on the cause. When labyrinthitis is caused by stress, there is also often a tightening of the muscles of the upper torso. This is how the link between pain in thecervicalislabyrinthitis. This is because stress leads to accumulationmuscle tension located at the shoulders, with contracted muscles in the cervical and dorsal area of ​​the back. Betweensymptomstherefore, back pain, neck pain and severe morning headaches also appear. Due to the stress, blockage of the diaphragm can also occur, with breathing difficulties and consequent anxiety.

To relieve thechronic stress labyrinthitisexperts recommend light muscle exercises toloosen contracted musclesand to support a state of general well-being. Among the activities to be carried out there is the practice of tai chi and yoga. For some extra suggestions, I invite you to read the guideHow to practice yoga at home. Relaxation techniques are aremedyeffective in relieving thestress labyrinthitis.

Betweennatural remediesthere is also a warm bath based on epsom salts, perhaps used to emulsify a few drops of lavender essential oil in hot water. A hot bath not only improves the blood flow to the muscles, thanks to the epsom salts the muscles tend to relax. Epsom or epsomite salts are the perfect remedy for relieving muscle tension, so much so that they are also widely used by athletes.

Among othersnatural remediesthere is also acupuncture, foot reflexology, meditation techniques and all activities that aim to improve blood circulation, breathing and emotional well-being.

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