Rice cheese: recipes

Rice cheese: recipes

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Rice cheese, a food rich from a nutritional point of view and which is obtained by working the sprouted brown rice with spring water, adding apple cider vinegar which gives an even more pleasant taste to this cheese that also pleases vegans. This does not mean that omnivores cannot taste and love it, on the contrary, it can be taken into consideration for its different properties from classic cheeses, derived from cow's or goat's or sheep's milk.

To prepare the rice cheese, processed rice with apple cider vinegar, a liquid is obtained which becomes denser with the addition of agar agar. Other commonly used alternative natural thickeners are carob flour, xanthan and gum arabic.

If you also use thecoconut oil virgin, the creaminess is increased, however it is always important to pasteurize it and keep it at temperatures below 100 ° C so that the active enzymes remain so. The packaging of the rice cheese is done in a hot way guarantee a long conservation.

Rice or strachicco cheese

"Strachicco" is the commercial name of one of the versions for sale of rice cheese. It is in the category of fresh plant foods, we can find it in refrigerator departments of supermarkets or in the corners dedicated to fresh vegan products.

Also who is lactose intolerant he can safely eat it, at any age, and the same goes for those who are intolerant to gluten and soy or have problems with chewing. Its ingredients are Italian brown rice, sprouted with spring water, Agar-Agar, Coconut oil, Carob flour, Xanthan gum, Arabic gum, Apple vinegar, Infusion of Oregano.

Rice milk cheese

The cheese obtained with the rice milk, compared to that obtained from cow's milk and soy, it has less protein, it also has a lower fat content, however. If among the ingredients there is also thevirgin coconut oil, then the food also provides a certain amount of lauric and caprylic acid, easy to digest and with one protective action of the intestinal mucosa, antimicrobial and antifungal.

Rice cheese: recipe

The ingredients of the rice cheese and how to produce it have already been revealed, but we can find out how to use this food in other recipes to enhance its taste and properties. can he replace fresh cow's milk cheeses without the dishes we cook lose their flavor and are less appetizing.

Spread on whole sourdough bread, the rice cheese it is delicious, as well as paired with peppers, tomatoes, salads, cabbage and broccoli which also integrate its low calcium content.

Homemade rice cheese

We can try to make the rice cheese at home even if it is not a trivial process. Let's see what comes out, if we did a good job then the taste will not be similar to that of boiled rice but sweet-sour like that of fresh dairy products.

Especially if we prepare this cheese at home it is good avoid adding artificial flavors, we try to use organic products and natural flavors, such as oregano or infusions of other aromatic herbs, or some spices, including turmeric.

Sprouted rice cheese

When we talk about rice cheese specifying that we are using sprouted rice, there is a reason. This "sprouted" adds value because the sprouting process increases the fibers, the vitamins and micronutrients of brown rice which is already easily digestible and assimilable, rich in refreshing and purifying properties.

Vegan rice cheese

The rice cheese is vegan, as we have specified, it is also suitable for those who are intolerant to milk and dairy products. And if we choose organic products, better this way we are sure that nthere are no artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

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