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Parma, the high efficiency school is born

Parma, the high efficiency school is born

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Send your children to a safe building and such high energy efficiency, it could be a big guarantee for any parent. Finally, even Italian mothers will be able to send their children to the nursery and kindergarten which ensures high standards of both safety and energy efficiency.

While we wait for the roofs of school buildings in Rome to be covered with photovoltaic systems, in the municipality of Soragna, in the province of Parma, the concepts of savings and energy efficiency come to life in a school building a low environmental impact.

We are talking about the kindergarten and nursery "The Watercolor", In the construction of theschool building suitable materials and strategies were used to optimize energy use. The structure consists of five sections of the state kindergarten, a kitchen, two sections for the nursery and spaces for administrative and service activities, a technological room where the boiler is contained and everything a school could wish for. .

As we have learned from the legislation for the energy certification of buildings, it is heating that weighs heavily on energy expenditure. It is for this reason that the school complex of "L’Acquerello" was built with load-bearing masonry reinforced with multilayer blocks in expanded clay Lecablocco BioclimaZero. Thus constituted, the masonry guarantees high insulation e thermal inertia (phase shift and damping).

The air exchange is guaranteed by the low transmittance and thermal break aluminum windows, by the skylights that provide lighting and above all by the mechanical replacement system. Because the school building of municipality of Soragna is it very safe? The coverage of the kitchen area was made with prefabricated concrete slabs such as predalles in order to meet the safety standards required by the Fire Brigade. The rest of the building has a primary cover made of laminated wood beams with interposed panels in cemented wood fiber.

The building was built following an extension project by the architect Marisa Pizzi and the surveyor Paola Castagnoli. A pair of female professionals to guarantee the best energy efficiency and demonstrate that Italian school buildings can make a difference.

For enrollment in the nursery, parents of children (resident and non-resident) who turn 12 months by October 31 of the current year can apply until March 20, 2012. For each school year, the deadlines for enrollment are roughly the same.

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