Electric car: incentives are coming

Incentives up to 5,000 euros for the purchase of a electric car. This is the bill that is moving in parliament, as stated by Corrado Clini, Minister of the Environment.

The association Ace Energie Future and theMobility and Environment Department of the Municipality of Milan organized a conference entitled "The electric car loves green"; Environment Minister Corrado Clini took part in the conference and announced the Government's intentions: the government is considering various hypotheses in favor of battery-powered cars.

It is thought about the approval of a bill that has been standing still in Parliament for some time, which would introduce incentives of up to 5,000 euros for the purchase of electric cars and various facilities for infrastructure development. This would be the Ghiglia-Lulli text which provides for a "scaling" mechanism: from 5,000 euros of incentives in 2012 to 3,000 euros in 2013, up to 2,000 in 2014 and 1,000 in 2015, underlining the importance of investments in the sector:

The electric car is becoming a significant, albeit niche, product for urban systems - said Clini -. There are big European car manufacturers that are investing in this. I hope that Italy will be able to consolidate its production capacity to ensure that what happened with photovoltaics does not happen ".

The provision should be currently under study, in order to arrive at a first draft as early as March, when the parliamentary process necessary to allow its implementation could begin. It should also be noted how it may be possible that economic aid is allocated not only for the purchase of new models, but also for the conversion of those already in circulation where possible.
If the news were confirmed, the incentives would affect hybrid and electric cars, as well as with natural gas and LPG engines. The new onesincentives in economic terms, they would revive the car market as a whole, which in recent years, in Italy, has recorded a steady decline with a sharp decrease in new registrations.

In addition to the economic factor, it is important to emphasize the benefits that a choice of environmental sustainability could bring, such as the reduction of fine dust and air pollution. The most direct consequence is a country with a healthier strategy-based lifestylesustainable mobility. The only problem of electric cars the disposal of exhausted batteries remains but some car manufacturers are proposing new developments.

If the production of zero environmental impact vehicles will be accompanied by a massive distribution of public recharging points throughout the country, buy an electric car in the coming months it could really turn out to be an excellent deal: taking into account that this would allow you to free yourself from the increasingly expensive petrol stations as long as the choice "electric”, Has a cost at least comparable to that of traditional cars. Therefore it is necessary that they are economically accessible to the pockets of Italians, who often resort to a loan to pay, if not in full, at least in part the cost of their car. If the bill were to go into effect at this point, a price reduction would be obtained, given by the state incentive, and an immediate outlay of limited or even zero money, thanks to the possibility of financing the purchase at affordable rates.

Taking the Renault Kangoo ZE model as a first example (cost € 20,000), the employee would be able to "snatch" the dealership, thanks to the incentives, the price of € 15,000. If he then decided to finance the entire amount, he would be able to pay for the electric car in 3 years with installments of 464 euros per month (7.58% APR). In the event that he requests a loan for only 50% of the value (therefore 7,500 euros), our 35-year-old would be able to bring the monthly installments down to 232 euros for 3 years, or 336 euros for 24 months, always maintaining a synthetic index of similar cost (7.50%). Data expressed by the database

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