Trash, from problem to resource. Mangiarifiuti bacterium discovered

Trash, from problem to resource. Mangiarifiuti bacterium discovered

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Naples until today has been famous for the problems related to garbage, from this moment on it will be famous for the discovery of the local Cnr, a bacterium capable of eating waste and produce energy. The bacterium is called "thermotoga neapolitan”And will transform waste from problem to resource. The discovery was made by the doctor's team Agata Gambacorta which has been conducting field research since 2008.

The Cnr of Pozzuoli, Naples, has a surprise in store, in fact it seems that it is filing a patent for the design of a device capable of exploiting the bacterium to extract glucose from waste and transform it into hydrogen which, through a plant a biomass, will succeed in being converted to power; for the moment, the CNR of Pozzuoli has a plant with a capacity of one liter that is capable of powering electrical devices from a few volts, such as a cell phone battery or a lamp. For now, the CNR holds the first prototypes of power supplies for mobile phones made up of hydrogen or alcohol fuel cells. The bacterium mangiarifiuti it was isolated by a hot volcanic pool, located in the heart of the Campi Flegrei.

The bacterium thermotoga neapolitan grows between Lucrino and Punta Epitaffio, areas of Pozzuoli and the city of Bacoli. Campania could be very proud of this discovery if it were used in a concrete way for the well-being of the Region and the entire country. A few years ago i Campi Flegrei ended up in all the newspapers with the discovery of a natural substance capable of replacing viagra. The substance could have been isolated in the Solfatara area, not far from the fumaroles where the mangiarifiuti bacterium grows. Even before for the Campi Flegrei there was talk of a geothermal power plant, the most important in Europe. Without a doubt this area of ​​Campania is rich in resources: energy, medical, landscape, architectural… but it is not sufficiently valued.

Thermotoga neapolitan makes you daydream, the everyday "the morning"Describes it as the bacterium that could solve the energy and environmental emergency. It must be said that the funding from the European Community, destined for the development of the Phlegraean area, is still in the coffers. In addition, a geothermal power plant was planned for the Campi Flegrei, always exploiting the natural potential of the area. It goes without saying that the geothermal power plant project soon ended up in oblivion. L'National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology they had placed many hopes in the baptized plan "Campi Flegrei Deep Drilling", called "deep drilling”Precisely because of the depth with which it was necessary to drill the soil. The whole Phlegraean community sincerely hopes that the fate of the mangiarifiuti bacterium will be very different.

How does it work Thermotoga neapolitan? The faculties of the microorganism are combined with a particular implant. The bacterium ferments in the cylinder of a device developed by the CNR of Pozzuoli. With the fermentation of glucose hydrogen is produced, in the cylinder there is a cell with a fan that transforms hydrogen into energy. With this process it is possible to produce fuels for cars and electricity. With the phlegrean bacterium nothing is thrown away: waste biomass finds wide applications in the medical field, the pharmaceutical sector has already started trials.

Photo Credit | Anna De Simone, panorama of the City of Bacoli

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