Deductible medical devices

Deductible medical devices

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Medical devices we all use, or almost all of them, whether they are only contact lenses or glasses, or others that are less common and more demanding. According to Italian law, the expenses for some are deductible at 19% and this applies whether the purchase was made in the name of the taxpayer or on behalf of the dependent family member.

Medical devices: list

The list of medical devices that exist is definitely infinite, or almost, and new ones always emerge, fortunately, since science evolves, a bit like the Manufacturing 4.0 project, these are often devices that favor the development of Telemedicine arm in arm with some innovative ones Humanoid robots for the care of the sick or the elderly.

There are circulars of Revenue Agency, like n. 20 of 13/05/2011, which are used to define what they are and what can be called "medical devices". I am products, equipment and instruments that fall within the definition of "medical device" contained in articles 1, paragraph 2, of the three sector legislative decrees - with the laws it is always a reference to other laws - and they must also be declared compliant with specific regulations and marked "CE".

Between medical devices more in use we find corrective ophthalmic lenses of visual defects, spectacle frames for hyperopia and hearing aids, the simple plasters, and then bandages, gauzes and various dressings, syringes, thermometers, or apparatus for aerosol or for measuring blood pressure.

Also there lancing device for capillary blood sampling is among medical devices such as denture products such as adhesive creams and disinfectant tablets. There are devices in vitro diagnostic doctors, also, like the ovulation pregnancy test or the various tools for the glucose determination, cholesterol, tests for intolerances or that of self-diagnosis for celiac disease.

Deductible medical devices

It is new this year: in the 2018 tax returns, both in 730/2018 and in PF 2018 Income, the purchase or rental of medical devices can be deducted. The expenses to which this possibility refers are those that we incurred in the 2017 tax period but the deduction does not occur automatically. As in all other cases, it is essential that all documents and the "evidence" is in order and certifies the purchase and circumstances.

Among the deductible medical devices there are many of daily use for some of us, in fact we find contact lenses and solutions for cleansing and maintenance, glasses, hearing aids, syringes and patches, and so on.

Just to say that not only medical devices that are rare to see are deductible. In the list there are aids for the disabled, orthopedic mattresses and strips for the determination of cholesterol and many others which, however, to be considered deductible, must fall within the 3 categories identified by EU directives and by Italian legislative standards.

Here they are, they are those of the gods active implantable medical devices, medical devices in general (directive 93/42 / EEC; legislative decree February 24, 1997, n. 46), and in vitro diagnostic ones.

Medical devices Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health to meet us has published a detailed list ed updated of deductible medical devices which can be freely consulted by all taxpayers. Consultation of the medical devices database can be done in two ways: directly or by downloading the dataset on the PC.

Deductible medical devices: how to do it

To be sure of obtaining the deduction to which we are entitled, it is essential to have the receipt or invoice showing the purchase, the description of the medical device itself and also the documentation relating to marking THERE IS of the medical device which thus proves to be compliant.

Once the expense deductibility requirements are met, we can as taxpayers, insert it in the tax return 2018 among the deductible expenses in 730 or in the Unico, together with the deductible drug expenses and the deduction of medical expenses.

Medical devices: classification

Deductible or not, medical devices are a specific category of devices and it is not a way of saying. Today you can be wrong, with the many products that are positioned in one no man's land between hygiene, beauty and the medical device, object that must be used on humans with specific purposes. Here are which ones: for diagnosis, prevention, control, treatment or mitigation of illness or an injury or a handicap or for study, replacement or modification of the anatomy or of a physiological process, or again for conception control.

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